I Leave You!

It might annoy you that I am that often away, but again I am going to leave you this time for one week. This won't be a restful or peaceful trip in order to relax, no, this is a trip organized by my university and intends to strengthens the community and ... to study :( We are going to go to Amsterdam which probably isn't known for its conservative lifestyle, if you now what I mean. However, I do not really believe that I will get a lot of sleep, so caffeine and coke are my best friends for this week. Additionally, it is my birthday next week, so this is going to be a pure party, no sleep week.

Therefore, there will be no post during the next week and probably a few days after that week, because I definitely will have to recover from that trip. I hope you don't mind & we see us then in approx. one week with more or less fresh energy!

Wish you a wonderful week!
Lots of love,

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