Fall Fashion Trends 2012

Fall is here and it is not only my favourite season but also always has the best fashion collections in store. The last couple of days I was browsing through the latest collection in online stores and in the city. Thus, I want to present you my favourite fall fashion trends 2012 that I found in stores. If you want to know what is currently on trend in the fashion world then keep on reading! 
Leather jackets, leather pants, leather short and leather blouses - the leather "all-over-the-body" edgy rock look has reached its peak point in this fall season.
Patterned trousers
Fall appropriate patterned trousers are totally in trend for this season. Waxed coated trousers as well as patchy jeans or satin trousers are so hot.
Military style
This seasons we go to the army. We can't find blue or black jackets with golden buttons but real military army green and camouflage clothes are now in stores.
They shape everyones figure to the most beautiful mermaid body shape and are definitely an eye-catcher on every evening dinner.
Printed shirts & Collar shirts
Both trends are known from the summer but will be super hot in fall again. Combined with a cool leather trousers a printed shirt enhance the fall edgy rocker look and your collar shirt gives a sophisticated and stylish look.

Collars are trendy since quiet a while but this fall they definitely have to worn to your blouses and over some stylish sweaters.

Of course there are plenty of other really cool fashion trends out there, however, these are the ones that I liked the most. Also long coats and fur can be found in store this season, so just have a look in your local fashion stores. It is worth it!

Hope you liked this post & tell me which trend you like most?

Have a wonderful day!
Lots of love,


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    1. That's right! I wish people would have the same fashion sense here in Germany!


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