Get The Look: Bohemian Chic Style

The Bohemian style is often described as being laid-back, a bit hipster and often not really suitable for a sophisticated night out. However, Nicole Richie shows us that the classic Bohemian style can easily transformed into a bohemian chic evening look just by adding a few details. Today I want to show you on one outfit how can achieve this look.

The Look
1. Fedora hat by Catarzi for 42,65€
2. Cat Eye Sunglasses by Asos for 21,33€ 
4. Black denim shorts by Bullhead for 32€
6. Real leather bag by H&M for 79,95€

Nicole Richie's combination of yellow and black looks so lovely and refreshing. Of course, this look can be a bit too cold for some of you in September, but you can just add a normal black jeans or a black waxed trousers. I think, this transformation is really beautiful as I love the bohemian style so much and with this it becomes more wearable even in the evening.  

I hope you found this post helpful & tell me whether you like the bohemian style?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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