Design Your Individual Phone / Kindle / Laptop / IPad Case

Inspired by the current uploaded video by theStyleDiet where she reported about her new laptop case by Caseable, so I just headed over to their website without any further expectations. I didn't even intended to buy something at all as IPad and laptop cases are not that hard to get. However, two have caught my eye:
1. You are able to design your case absolutely individually with a specific interior colour and your personal motives. 
2. They offer Kindle cases which are incredibly hard to get here and are mostly really expensive and don't look stylish at all.

Even though some might think why do I need that kind of case, I think this idea is absolutely amazing. We are all individuals, we all have different preferences, hobbies and personalities. Why not then have individual cases that express our personality and are an absolute joy to have?!

Caseable promises that "no product is produced in Asia. Our smartphone cases are produced in the heart of Germany and all other products come from Brooklyn, New York. Usually products are manufactured and ready to ship within 1 to 3 business days. This means you will receive the custom products only a few days after you order." They "ship to customers in the United States, Canada and all member states of the European Union plus Switzerland."

I ordered my personal Kindle case, that I am looking forward to showing this in public. Please check out their website! What do you think about this idea?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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