14 Simple Healthy Decisions in Your Diet - Weight Loss Tips

Hey guys!
Some of you have asked me how you can lose weight and how you can easily cut out calories in your daily eating plan? Today I want to list 14 simple healthy decisions how you can easily cut out a lot of calories. However, this is not about how to eat healthy like eating kale, almonds, whole grain etc. which, of course, is really important. Please take these tips just as an addition to your diet when you want to lose weight or struggle to keep your weight.

My healthy decisions:

No. 1:  ✓  fresh fruits  X dry fruits
Fresh fruits contain a lot more water so that you not only can eat more for the same amount of calorie and thus, they'll fill you up faster but also you'll get more nutritions.
No. 2:  ✓  balsamico dressing  X yogurt/caesar dressing
No. 3:  ✓  stevia  X sugar
No. 4:  ✓  crisp bread  X white bread
No. 5:  ✓  tea  X juice
Of course, it is important that you drink a lot of water. However, if you want to have a bit of a taste then grab to tea or if you really want to drink juice then use 1/3 juice and 2/3 water.
No. 6:  ✓  almond milk  X regular milk
Here I am talking about huge milk drinkers (min. 250ml per day). Otherwise these 10 calories in your coffee or tea aren't a big thing.
No. 7:  ✓  frozen yogurt  X ice cream
I actually made my own "frozen yogurt" by putting a pot of yogurt in the freezer. It has a quiet hard consistency, but tastes like normal frozen yogurt.
No. 8:  ✓  pumpkin chips  X crisps/chips
Slice your pumpkin in thin slices. Put them on a baking sheet with salt, pepper and olive oil and bake them for 15min at 200°C. No fat, but tastier than crisps.
No. 9:  ✓  sliced apple, berries, grapes with cinnamon  X chocolate, sweets
No. 10:  ✓  vegetable sticks (cucumber, carrots etc)  X chips, salty snacks
No. 11:  ✓  soya cream  X normal cream
A lot of people are scared of using soya products, however, soya cream has 190cal per 100ml whereas normal cream has 288cal per 100ml and seriously, you can not taste a difference at all.
No. 12:  ✓  vegetable stock  X ready sauces
Vegetable stock can not only be used as a spice for anything but also can serve as a real sauce by adding water. It really taste great with vegetables and you don't need these ready sauces full of additives, glutamate, artificial colours AND a lot of calories.
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No. 13:  ✓  super dark chocolate  X white, milk chocolate
Dark chocolate prevents from heart attacks and the slightly bitter taste of the chocolate will make you eat less.
No. 14:  ✓  smashed tomatoes  X ready-made tomato sauces
Okay, this is more an addition to No. 12, however, a lot of people just open up one of these ready-made tomato sauces (e.g. Barilla) when they are eating pasta. However, you are just eating unnecessary extra-calories, because these sauces contain a lot of sugar. Just buy a tin of smashed tomatoes, add salt, pepper, garlic and some italian herbs and you are done.

These were my 14 really simple healthy decisions in my diet. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you can eat milk chocolate, normal sugar or dry fruits as long as you keep it in moderation. I am also human and I also drink juice or eat other unhealthy things, but I hope that these decisions might be helpful in your weight loss process.

Comment below what are your little healthy habits? 

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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