Life Update: Abitur, Study, Moving Out, Boyfriend,...

Hello everybody!

I hope you are doing well!
I wanted to give you a little update of my life, what is going on, what happened and what are my plan for the future as I haven't done such a post for a really long. Or have I ever done such a post? Anyway.
As some of you might have heard, I have finished my final exams which means that I still have to pass my oral exams in June and obviously have to pass both tests and then I am done. But let's say that the written part was the toughest one and after months of learning I am finally relieved. The problem is that I seriously don't know what I have to do in my free time. I had to set aside most of my hobbies or any deep pleasures and reading a normal book made me feel that I forget everything that I have learned. So now, I actually could do everything, but still can't enjoy the hobbies as I still have the longing to do something efficient or effective.

The next huge step is that I am going to move into my own flat. Okay, it's not going to happen before September, but this step, which also includes starting to study, opens up a complete new chapter in my life resp. is a complete new life. This step gives me more freedom and independence, but also means that I have more responsibilities, tasks and have to do more serious decisions and stand for them. I think you call this growing up or maturity and I am excited and a bit scared of this new chapter in the same time. However, this may allow me to become more self-confident and to do what I want.

Another step is to incorporate a healthy and well-balanced diet into my eating plan when I live alone. I already eat quite healthy and I even think that this will become a bit easier as I decide what I buy and I usually don't buy sweets for my own, thus, there will be only "clean food" in my fridge. Hopefully ;)
And I assume a really clean and controlled eating plan will also push my fitness level to a next level. So I think about starting the ZCUT Program created by Zuzka Light once it is released in Europe while I am living a home and really get in the best shape I have ever been.

I also still want to change my attitude towards the life. Basically, I want to enjoy the life more, be more spontaneous, live the moment and not worry so much about everything and everyone. Just to be my own individual with my own personality, my own dreams and own longings -  just to be authentic. I started with this project last year and I did a lot of progresses and learned to enjoy my life with all senses. The only step that is missing is finding a proper and serious relationship. I don't want to talk about my past relationships, I want to look forward and the thing is that I was so busy because of my Abitur and was a bit too focused on school in the past. So yes, I am ready to love someone as I learned to love myself! ;)

Okay, before I start to talk about god and the world, I just stop here, but I hope you liked this little life update. Tell me what has been going on in your life and what had been your experiences when you were moving out?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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