The 3 Most Amazing Electronic Songs

I never thought that I start to develop a love for electronic music.
I am a total beginner in this music branch, so I would be really pleased when you tell me a few other songs. But here we go with my top 3 electronic songs.

Don't Think by The Chemical Brothers
I got to know this music again from a movie called "Black Swan". If you know the movie, this is the song when Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis go into the club and start dancing and take drugs. I think, the chemical brothers are absolutely talented in their music branch. The song has variations in the rhythm, volume and different beats. This is my favourite song of all of them.

Funk (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) by Etienne de Crecy from the movie 99 francs
This song is absolutely crazy. When you don't know the movie, then you definitely ave to watch it. It is about a product designer who takes, like a typical creative person, dugs. And in his drug flow, this music is played and that exactly how it sounds like. 

Don't Move by Phantogram
I love the beginning of the song and in general, this song has such creates such a unique atmosphere. I have to admit that this song has its length in the middle of the song, but again I really love this song even though it is my least favourite.

Please tell me if you like my little music favourites, because I love listening to music and thus, I love doing these posts.

All the best,

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