My Favourite Websites - Perfect for Avoiding to Study

Hello everyone!

How do you do? Well, I am studying, studying and studying. I can't see all my folders, learning scripts and exercises anymore and when I need a little bit of free time in order to interrupt my learning sessions, I find myself browsing the internet. So I thought I might show you my favourite websites, but pay attention, you really easily forget the time when you are checking all these amazing sites. :)


Daily Hiit (Link)
The old Bodyrock.tv renamed itself and now is called "Daily Hiit". I check this website daily as I do mostly all their workouts. The whole website is completely different to the old one, so it took a while to get used to the new layout, but that doesn't change the quality of the workouts they are posting. I would even say that they are even more intense and I can definitely see changes on my body.

Zuzka Light (Link)
The co-founder of Bodyrock.tv started her own website with extremely hard, short and amazing workouts. I have to admit, I even like them more than the Bodyrock ones.

Sarah Fit (Link)
I like Sarah because she is totally fit, but still has a healthy weight. I really like her diet advice and food recommendations.

Tone it up (Link)
The two girls are really sympathetic and represent the typical California girls. I check the site recipes, food hauls and motivation, not because of their workouts.


Skinny taste (Link)
This is a site created by a mother who cooks healthy recipes for every occasion from dinner, breakfast, lunch to delicious desserts.

I breathe... I'm hungry... (Link)
This website has the same concept like skinny taste. I have already made some of the recipes and they are really delicious.

Chocolate covered Katie (Link)
Katie gives healthy alternatives for sweet desserts so that you don't have to give up all these desserts.

Dashing Dish (Link)
This is the last, but also least favourite cooking site. I love all her recipes and they look so amazing, but I do not like that you have to be an exclusive member to be able to see everything.

Home Inspirations

Apartment therapy (Link)
This is a really professional site that gives informative advice for decorating and designing your new home, doing DIYs and before/after comparisons.

The inspired room (Link)
This is a wonderful website with lots of inspirational pictures, designs and decoration ideas. I am going to move to my first own flat, so this really helps me finding the style I like.

Live Love DIY (Link)
Normally I am not the DIY person, but I love this website as the design of this whole house is so inspirational and definitely represents my style.


fotocommunity (Link)
This is for all your photography fans even though this is a German website! This community offers an incredible pool of photography and one can find amazing photos there.


Law School Fun
And lastly, for anyone who is studying law and wants to throw all the learning stuff out of the window, this is the perfect site for you! This is another site in German, but so incredibly funny!!!

So these were my favourite websites. I know, these are a lot, but I had way to much time browsing through the internet during the last couple of days. I should definitely start learning more intense :) So I hope you are having a great day and you don't have to study that much. Have fun with the websites and tell me what are your favourite websites?

Have a wonderful day! Love,

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