Fitness Haul! - Nike, Adidas, H&M & NorthFace

With this fitness haul my current fitness kick has definitely reached its peak point. I personally tend to invest my money more on expensive trousers or bras instead of tops, because I usually wear my old t-shirts for sport. If you want to know what I bought then keep on reading.
Okay, this item is not really sporty, but I thought it might interest you as well. This is a super light, green rain coat by North Face which was in the sale for only 79€.
Here are my favourite items! These are sport bras and believe it or not I haven't worn any sport bra before, because nobody forced me to buy one. I don't have a huge breast, but support is always important, therefore, you have to have a sport bra! 
The left pink one is from Adidas and is called the Supernova Racer Bra and costs 49€. This bra is absolutely amazing, super tight and is so colorful that you can wear it without a top on top. The right black one is from Nike and is also really tight.
Then I found a really bright pink running shorts by Nike too. I prefer to do sport in shorts because I feel more flexible. I think they were about 29€.
Then I have another black shorts by Nike for 29€. They are not the same type, because here the sides are not rounded.
Then I found a coral t-shirt by Nike with a golden sign on top. I was in the sale for 30€. Normally I wouldn't buy this t-shirt, but I was kind of in the mood of investing the money in this t-shrt only for this time.
Then I walked to H&M in order to buy some ordinary tops. I bought a black and pink one and the white one is a bit looser and sheer, so that you have to throw it on top of another top. 
The last thing that I bought were some neon shorts by H&M. I am not sure whether I am really going to use them for sport or just as pajamas. They are with 5€ or right now in the sale with 3€ super cheap.

This was my fitness haul. I hope you liked this and tell me what you wear while doing sport?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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