My MAC Wish List

Hey everybody!

MAC Products are raved as being really good make up products, however, they happened to raise their prices every year which is one reason why I didn't buy so many products from them. I know that their eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks seem to be amazing, so I thought that I as a makeup addict should invest in some MAC products in the next year. Thus, this is my MAC wish list which isn't that long because I really want to concentrate myself on the products that I really want and were hardly any dupes exists. For example, I really like their nude lipsticks but there are some nice nude lipsticks in the drugstore that I like.

My wish list:
Studio Finish Concealer with SPF 35
Not only the SPF 35 but also the coverage is told to be amazing. This full coverage concealer, which would be adjusted to my skin colour, would be perfect for my dark under eye circles and all my blemishes.

Well Dressed
Currently I intend to wear really light and natural blushes that are easy to handle and are still visible because of my fair complexion. So I thought this really light rosy blush would be perfect for me.
Pinch O Peach
This is another rather lighter blush which has a hint of peach in it but is still a bit more intense than Well Dressed.
This appears to be a high-pigmentes highlighting shade for the inner corners that just brightens up every make up.
This is a unique antique gold, brown, green eyeshadow that I have never found in the drugstore. Therefore, this is a must-have in my wish list.
Naked Lunch
A light highlighting rosy shimmery eyeshadow that is super versatile as a highlighter or all over the eyelid. This eyeshadow is on top of my wish list.

Smut was created by Kate Moss and is a dark smokey brown. This is great for a dark eye make up because black eyeshadow can look too harsh and this smokey dark brown is perfect for such a smudgy eye makeup.
Russian Red
As I said before, MAC offers an amazing nude colour range, however, I am searching for something that I can not find in the usual drugstore. Thus, Russian Red would be really interesting because it is THE classic red matte lipstick.
Plushglass - Posh It Up
I have never found such a rosy gold glittery lipgloss in the drugstore, thus, this would be my choice in the lipgloss area of MAC.

So this was my total wish list of MAC. It is not that huge considering the fact that I only own three products from MAC but I try to focus on the really important things.

What do you think about MAC products and what are your favourite products?

Wish you a wonderful day! 

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