The Easiest Way To Choose The Right Job For You

A lot of teenagers struggle with the huge question: what am I going to do after my school degree? What am I going to study? There exist a lot of methods how to find the right job for oneself, but here is the easiest way how to find the right job for you!

I had the same problem like probably every teenager has got. I didn't know what I wanted to do in my future and even very closely before my school degree I had no plan what to do or what to study. Researches in the Internet and all my friends and family told me that I have to do something where I have fun. Then other specialists said that I had to do something with my hobbies and again other people said that I have to focus on my strengths.

"Some start to connect their future perspectives to much with the subjects that are required in school"
However, I think the problem is that this, I call it now, "future-stress" is really intensified by school. I know that they want to help the students and what to take the fears away, but some start to connect their future perspectives to much with the subjects that are required in school and automatically go into a certain branch like biology, chemistry etc. This is a good think if you are really interested in one of these subjects, however, it should taken into consideration that there also exist other subjects that are not required in school and so you can have skills which you haven't recognized yet.

Also, it is nearly impossible to find a job where you will have fun when you even don't know all jobs and often don't have a clue what they are doing the whole day. Thus, I realised that there exist just one way to find the right job. Of course, you have to thing about what you like and you also can not study maths when you had terrible marks in maths, but basically, this helped me to find my "dream job".

Do an internship and just start studying the subject! 
This sounds so easy and it really is! When I did my first internship, I just thought it would be good for my CV, but in fact, you really get to know a certain job. However, in order to find out whether a job really suit to you, you have to test it practically. And if you don't have the opportunity for that during an internship, then just start studying your preferred subject! 

Finding your right job is like finding a good make up product!
You will never know whether this product works for you unless you tested it and then you can build your own opinion on this. The same thing works with your job. You will never know whether this is the right job for you unless you tested it. When you find out that you don't like your current subject, then you still have time to change it, but you will never blame yourself for not trying out your desired job when you are old.

I hope this was helpful! What is your dream job and how did you find this?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lot of Love,

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