Favourite Apps: Calorie Counter - ShapeUp Club

In order to become a bit more lean and toned and to get my calorie income under control, I searched for a nice and handy app. After testing DietDiary, which was not really my cup of tea, I found the calorie counter by Shape Up Club. Shape Up Club is a food and exercise diary for Android which helps you to lose weight or to maintain your current weight.

How it works
✓ Personalized weight plan
✓ Set individual weight & nutrition goals
✓ Barcode scanner
✓ Ability to customize everything (such as daily calories & nutritional information)
✓ Track calories, nutrients, fruit & water
✓ Food database with 400 000+ items
✓ Track body measurements (waist, body fat, hips, arms etc.)
✓ Visible progress from charts
✓ Write daily comments
✓ ShapeUp Club is free and without ads
✓ Works without an Internet connection
✓ Complete backup and sync with website, ShapeUpClub.com
✓ Health Graph integration
✓ RunKeeper integration & Withings scale integration
I like this app because it shows you how much you can still eat at the end of the day and it really helped me to lose weight. I also had the experience that when I know that I have to add everything that I eat to this app, I start to eat less just because I am to lazy :) I like the different food choices, the topic with morning and afternoon snack and the fact that it shows you the fat, protein and carbohydrate  values. However, any additional services can only be done with a subscription to the ShapeUp Club which costs money. And let's say 40% of the options of this app have to be payed. Nevertheless, I will continue using it and can recommend it to anyone who still struggles with his daily income or doesn't want to calculate ever single calorie in his head anymore.
Have you ever tried any calorie counter app?
Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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