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It has actually been a really long time since I have been taking photos, editing them, writing and posting a blogpost right away. I have been learning for my final exams during the last weeks and today I forced myself to take a break and do something that I really enjoy which is blogging. So I thought you might be interested in knowing which products I purchased yesterday in my local drug store. These are actually the products that I am going to use for my everyday make-up routine.

I have never had an everyday make-up routine, but recently, because of the stress, I crapped for almost the same products every day, so that finally, I am ready to show you my everyday make-up routine in my future posts ;)

The Haul 

I bought the new Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil in 050 Brown Town Girl from the new product range which claims to be waterproof. The pencil includes a sharper at the end.
Catrice Eye Pencil - Swatch
Because of the small pencil, one can draw a really thin, precise and subtile line along the lash line. It is a really dark brown colour that stayed on really well even after my professional rubbing test. 

Another Catrice product is the cream lip and cheek colour from the current Neo Geisha LE available from January to March 2013. The shade is the lightest one in 01 Discreet Artist.
Swatch in different lights
It is a soft, pale pink colour that would look great on pale skin. The colour pay-off is not comparable with the Maybelline cream blushes, however, this would be perfect for make-up beginners who are still afraid of blush and struggle with handling the colour pay-off.The colour looks like a pale pink on the lips, but I think you can do that with every cream blush.
L'oréal lipstick (colour on photo is not true to original) 
I think the L'oréal Lipstick Rouge Caresse in 120 Mauve Cherie is also new in their product range and because L'oréal is so expensive here, this purchase was definitely made by this luxury packaging. 

I would have never purchased the P2 Heavenly lip mousse if a youtube hadn't recommended it to me because the packaging wasn't that attractive to me. I chose the shade 050 sweet time pleasure.
Swatches - L'oréal lipstick (left) and P2 Heavenly Lip mousse (right)
The L'oréal lipstick is really smooth and even though it has a sheer texture, it lasts on the lips for several hours. It is a beautiful mauve pink colour which is great for every day, however, surprisingly, the lipststick dried out my lips a tiny bit during the really old winter days.

The P2 lip mousse has, as the name says, a mousse texture, but that doesn't make it uncomfortable on the lips. The colour is a bit lighter than the L'oréal lipstick, but still a beautiful dusty pink colour which looks really flattering and great with nearly every eye make-up. The lasting is really great! I applied it in the morning and the colour was still visible around lunch time even after drinking.

So this was my latest haul. I hope you liked this really up-to-date post with the little reviews and all the swatches as much as I enjoyed writing it for you! Let me know what you bought the last couple of weeks and what do you think about the new products in the make-up brands?

Wish you a wonderful sunday! Love,

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