My Fitness & Diet Update + Personal Weight Loss

Hello guys!

Not so long ago, I gave you an update on my fitness and sport routine what I do to stay fit. However, today I want to give you another update on this topic, because not only my fitness philosophy and aims have changed but also my fitness routine and my diet. With this routine I am convinced that I have reached an higher fitness level. If you want to know how I stay fit and toned, then keep on reading.

Strict timetable
In my last update I have already talked about having a timetable which motivates and encourages you to stick to your workouts. However, my timetable was rather irregular which made it harder to make it to a real routine. Now, I have set specific days when I am going to do my workout and the days stays always the same. On some days I even know the exact time. In order to understand this better, here is my timetable:

As you can see, I work out 5-6 times a week. Because of a really long university day I am not able to work out every other wednesday. By having such a fixed timetable and sticking to this schedule, your workouts starts to become as ordinary as brushing your teeth.

Add other activities
What helped me to have more fun working out is to add some variety to my workout routine. My main workout consist of HIIT, which I absolutely love, but every thursday I participate in a sport group where we always do other sports. I also add some Pilates exercises or some other body shaping exercise   if I am in the mood.

Clean Eating & Increase of Proteins
Yes, I have also already mentioned that my diet consists of clean eating, which basically means eating healthy, and to be honest, I was more or less raised up with such a diet so it was not such a difference in my diet plan. (For more information about clean eating click here) I also started to increase my protein a bit because it helps you building up your muscles. I did this with food e.g. eggs, low-fat quark, turkey, chicken and not with protein drinks.
Realistic Aims & Inspirations
My source of inspiration (Pinterest & Bodyrock.tv) stayed the same, however, my personal view and goals have shifted. I watched these pictures more as heroes and unreachable aims, but now I believe in my own abilities and in my body and set realistic goals. My current aim consist in lowering my body fat and building some muscles. I secretly dream of being able to see my abs :)

My progress
Even though I am eating pretty good and working out on a regular basis I haven't lost that much weight. I am 173cm high or 5'7'' and started with approx. 66kg/145Ibs in August and went down to approx. 60kg/132 Ibs till now. Especially the last month I stayed at 60 kg, however, my jeans began fitting looser, consequently, I think I am building up more muscle mass because muscle mass is heavier than fat mass. My aim doesn't consist in loosing more weight, I focus on losing fat and building up muscles.

So this was my update. I hope you find this post interesting and comment below if you like doing sport?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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