My Celebrity Fashion Inspirations

Hello guys!
Actually I wanted to do a workout and was even doing my first exercise when I decided that I was definitely not in the mood doing it. That hardly ever happens and when it happens, then I still work myself through the workout, but today I literally couldn't! So I thought, what a better way to fill up the free time then by writing a few posts for you also when we consider that the next exam phase is coming. Thus, today I wanted to show you today my fashion celebrity inspirations. I also really like looking at LOOKBOOK.nu and general street style, but celebrities are great for getting an inspiration too.
Kate Middleton
I love Kate Middelton's style because she shows that you can look elegant, sophisticated and royal even though you don't invest a ton of money into your clothes. Of course, she also wears luxury dresses, but she often wears normal clothes e.g. from Zara. Her style is so feminine, elegant but not too old.
 Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is my personal fashion queen for my casual look. I almost have the same casual fashion style like she has got. Simple, feminine, but still with eye-catchers.
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity who shows that you don't have to try to hard to look good. With her casual, but beautiful summer outfits and the more edgy winter style, she is a real inspiration for me.
Pipa Middleton
I don't like her make-up and face at all, but her style is as posh and stylish as Kate's. However, she isn't that much in the royal focus as Kate is, thus, she can wear more bold, also sexy outfits.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Even though I don't have her figure, I love her style. She really knows how to enhance her features which she shows in her inspiring casual outfits. I absolutely love the jeans/trousers - blazer combo. It just always looks chic.
Miranda Kerr
Miranda always dresses really womanly chic. Either with a skirt or a dress or a jeans/trousers with a blouse. I love her style eventhough I probably wouldn't wear it as an everyday look, but seriously, her look and her beauty is always breathtaking.

So these were my celebrity fashion inspirations. I hope you liked this post and tell me who inspires you?

Wish you a wonderful day! Lots of love,

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