Another DM Drugstore Haul? Yes, please!

Hello everyone!

This is a cautionary tale: Don't go in a drugstore after having a frustrating fight with a salesman only because you wanted to spend some money on some lovely new trainers. Especially when you know that absolutely everything makes you happy in the drugstore and you have the insatiable longing to buy everything. Well, that happened yesterday and before I am going to declare myself as being crazy, I thought I take the chance and show you what I have purchased. So without any further ado, let's get started.

I primarily had to buy a new shampoo for my mum and I used this in order to buy million other things for me. So the shampoo that my mum and I use is the Pantene Pro-V shampoo for volume and coloured hair for 2,65€. This is the best drugstore shampoo that I have tested so far. So far! Because I also purchased the Guhl Blonde shampoo for natural or coloured blonde hair for 3,35€ due to the fact that another costumer bought it. We'll see how good this is.

The Sagrotan Healthy Touch hand sanitizer is probably the least exciting purchase, but this is great when you are traveling or eating outdoor and want to refresh your hands when there isn't a bathroom nearby. However, the price of 1,95€ is discussable.
This is my favourite purchase of all - the Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette for only 4,95€. My frustrating mind literally grabbed the product as this reminds me so much of the Urban Decay Basics Palette only without the black. I will write a separate post about this palette, but I think it is great for everyday makeup looks.


Then my face powder hit the pan. I always went with a Maybelline powder, however, while standing on the Catrice counter, I thought why not trying out another, much cheaper powder? And as I haven't had any bad experiences with Catrice, the Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder for 3,95€ ended up in my basket.
directly applied and 2 minutes after
 Finding a light, neutral, medium-coverage and not too dewy foundation is a really tough task whereas meanwhile I doubt whether this perfect foundation exists in drugstore or whether I have to spend some money on a high-end foundation. So I gave the Astor anti shine makeup in shade 201 sand for 5,35€ a go and you can see that it oxidizes and gets darker because of the mattifying effect. Thus, let's keep fingers crossed that it suits my skin tone.
The last purchase was the Garnier face mask against pimples with a special thermo-formulation which costs only 0,95€ and includes two uses. I actually realise right now, that I had an allergic reaction to their facial wash...

So this was my frustrating drugstore haul which ended up being not that bad and completely nonsense. I still hope that I will find a good store with a friendly salesman that is willing to sell me some proper trainers with a reliable advice. Thank you for reading this and let me know whether you want to here a specific review to one of these products!

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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