How To Apply An Eyeshadow Base

Some people might ask: "What? Everyone knows how to apply an eyeshadow base!" Well, in fact, for some people this can become a tough task! When the eyeshadow doesn't last even though you've applied an eyeshadow base, then this post might help you.

An eyeshadow base prevents the eyeshadow from creasing, which means that the color is "running" into your crease, by being like a layer between your skin and your eyeshadow. During the day our skin produces natural oils, some people produce more, some people less. We also produces these oils on our eyelids, especially people with oily skin have to deal with this issue. The problem is that the eyeshadow base can not work as a "second layer" when your skin produces so much oil. Basically what happens is that your skin absorbs the base.

If you have got normal to dry skin (normal to dry eyelids) you can be really lucky because you just have to use a tiny amount of product. Just dot your fingertip with a little bit of product and there you go! If you have really dry skin then you probably don't even need any eyeshadow base!

If you have combination or oily skin (oily eyelids) then you definitely have to use more. I have to use a thick coat of half of my fingertip. When you apply it to your eyelids, it appears to be way to much, but after a while half of the product will be absorbed in the skin. Then you have enough product on your eyelids left, so that the eyeshadow will last!

amount of product for oily skin

And I promise with the right eyeshadow base and this tips your eye make up will last at least 8 hours!

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