7 Effects Junk Food Has On You

A lot of people don't care about what they are eating respectively they don't know what effects junk food has on their whole health. Basically, there exist the standard effects that probably everybody know like overweight, heart problems and less energy. However, there are other effects that are often forgotten.

1) Skin problems - Junk food can cause acne or other inflammatory reactions because of increasing insulin level caused by the sugars, trans fats and starches.

2) Bloating - Eating a lot of junk food can cause bloating and more water weight, because your body is to balance the extra fluid and salt.

3) "White" products - White bread, white rice or other products without any grains can cause congestions as these white products don't aid digestion.

4) Acid Indigestion - Food high in saturated fat takes longer to process and meanwhile these meals high in fat create acid indigestion. If there is anything left in your stomach, which means that you haven't digested probably, excess acid can be a problem.

5) Mood Swings - Increasing and decreasing insulin level caused by sugar and starches can affect your brain chemicals and thus, your mood swings.

6) Aspirin - Tyramine, which is an agent in aspirin, is a chemical that can be found in the breakdown of a protein found in colorants, dyes, nitrates and has been known to cause headaches. 

7) Depression - Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of junk food, were much more likely to experience depression.

(Source: Shape.com)

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