Barry M Lipgloss Swatches

I've already written a blog post about this lipgloss, but because I have received a new camera I wanted to reupload the post with pictures which have got a better quality.

This is the Barry M lipgloss in shade No. 5 Bubblegum Pink and costs £4.49 (5,30€).


The colour is really bright pink, the texture is like a normal lipgloss but it isn't too sticky on the lips.


On the picture above you can how bright the colour is. Nevertheless, one can create a sheer colour by smudging the dot.

This is the lipgloss with a sheer appliance. I really love the colour of the lipgloss, however, as the name "Bubblegum Pink" hints, the lipgloss smells like bubblegum quite heavily.
The smell vanishes after a while, nevertheless, the smell may distract you.

What do you think about Barry M products?

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