New Day Planner

I have to admit that I actually one two day planners. I really tried to use other day planners than the one from PaperBlanks, because I used these for 3 years.
However, I ended up using any time planner! I didn't feel that my day planner represented my style and my personality, in fact, I used hated all of them.
Also, i just realised that I really needed a day planner because my days and weeks had been in total disorder.

And after struggling with buying a new day planner, I finally did it.
Even though they are pretty expensive with approx. 15€ in comparison to regular day planner, I felt in love with all of their designs since I saw them.
And now I have discovered this absolutely beautiful design which is called Filigree Floral Ivory. 

This is such a beautiful, sophisticated and elegant floral design that is inspired by wallpapers in the old salons in the 18th century. 
I love to this day planner and I will definitely use this one, because it makes me so happy just seeing it on my desk.
I really pleased with my purchase and I can definitely recommend all day planners or notebooks from PaperBlanks!

Do you have a day planner?
Wish you a wonderful weekend!

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