Favourite Apps: Wunderlist

Today I want to show you an absolute amazing app which is created by Berlin producers with the name 6wunderkinder.
I discovered this task management app "Wunderlist" in February and now I can not live without it!
I searched an app where I can organize my tasks and do little to-do-lists without paying something for the app. I just like the idea of having your to-do-lists directly "in your hand" rather than searching for a pencil and a piece of paper.

How it works:
The app is divided into two sections. The left section is the menu. There you have your "Inbox" where you have your general tasks and can create new lists which categorize your tasks much better.
Thus, you can create shopping lists, daily to-do-lists or other plans.
On the right side you can create your tasks in your specific list. The great thing about this is that you can cross out the tasks that are done and you can also set priorities by marking the tasks with this red star. Additionally, you say when the tasks have to be done and the manager automatically saves the date and reminds you to do it. 

You can get the app for:

As I have already said in my introduction, I can not live without this app anymore. I have a lot of plans in my head and sometimes I get a lot of ideas for my blog in my creative phase and then I really need something to write down my ideas immediately. Of course, you can still use the usual pencil and paper, however, I think that this app is much more organized. You can delete tasks or create a new topic, so that you don't lose the overview.

If you want to have more information then please check out the website from 6wunderkinder.

Have you used this app or any other task management apps?

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