Hard-Core Workouts in June

It is time for my monthly fitness timetable. I created my first personal fitness timetable last month and I am so impressed of the difference it made. When I have a timetable, which I see everyday on my desktop of my MacBook, I am so motivated to cross out the workout after finishing it. 
This is such a satisfaction! 
Consequently, I completed all my workout in May and I have definitely increased my fitness level.
Thus, I took some time and created a new timetable for June.

This month I want to kick my ass a little bit more and want to increase my amount of workouts and their intensity. The summer is right in front of us and in order to tone our body for the bikini season I created this timetable. Also, I have a sport festival in the third week of June where I want to have a great fitness.

When you are wondering what are the "Workouts". Basically, I do the workouts from bodyrock.tv
I can not express how much I adore this website, their workouts and the trainer. They workouts are short, intense, but really effective! If you want to have a full review of bodyrock, then please let me know!
But let me say you that this site is absolutely amazing and if you want to be fitter and you are searching for good workouts, then please check them out!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to doing the workouts. The timetable and my "cross-out routine" really give me another boost! I just totally recommend creating your personal timetable too!

All the best,

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