Top 10 Must Have Summer Beauty Products

The summer is hopefully coming even though I can not still believe in this when I look at the weather forecast for Europe. Nevertheless, I thought it is time to show you my Top 10 Must Have Summer Beauty Products, so that I feel at least a bit more summery.

1. Sunscreen
This is probably clear for everyone, but I wanted to mention it because it is really important! Everyone has to apply sunscreen every day during the summertime because this protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays which cause moles, wrinkles and skin cancer.

2. Self Tanner
Because I don't want to increase the possibility of skin cancer and I hate lying in the sun, I don't go in the sun too often. However, I still want to look tanned and a bit fresher, so I use my St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse, which is absolutely amazing!

3. Self Tanner & Sunscreen
This is a weird and in the same time intelligent product because this sunscreen by NIVEA is also a small self tanner or let's say tan booster. This product protects your skin from the sun and tans softly in the same time. This is really fun because while your friends are going to be red, you will be naturally nicely tanned in a few minutes.

4. Primer
As well as an eyeshadow primer I recently discovered what a difference a face primer can make. Especially when it's hot outside and you're sweating, the primer keeps your foundation and concealer in place. Also it refines the pores around your nose, mouth and chin.

5. Coral Lipstick
I am not a fan of coral lipsticks in the winter and I always think that they kind of don't suit to me with pale skin. But when I am getting a bit of a tan, it is always time for my coral lipsticks. One of my favourite ones are Esprit lipstick (discontinued), Catrice Shy Flamingo and Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream which I reviewed here.

6. Lipbalm
I think in the summertime we don't need a perfectly made lipstick even though I love red and berry perfectly made lips. However, when you are sweating or drinking or going to the pool, I think a nice lip balm is absolutely perfect because it doesn't have to be reapplied with a mirror. Labello and The Body Shop do really good lip balms.

7. Bright Nail Polish
I absolutely love bright nail polishes on tanned hands. Thus, I always pick really bright colour during the summertime. Because I also tend to where more colorful and bright clothes, I think the bright colour really suit to the whole look and give your outfit the extra pop. Additionally, every single time when you look down to your hands you have to have good mood!

8. Bronzer
I also use bronzer in the winter, but I definitely go crazy with bronzer in the summer. I apply it over the whole face, where the sun naturally would hit me, as a blush or as a contour. It is so variable, thus, I can never decide which look I want to do.

9. Coral & Red Blush
As I start loving coral lipsticks, I also start loving coral blushes in the summer because I think this looks more natural on my skin than a cold rosy blush. I also really like red blushs in the middle of the summer because when you apply a tiny amount of this on your cheeks, it really look like a nice sun tan/burn.

10. Sleek Blush "Rose Gold"
This product has its own category because of its uniqueness. I absolutely hated this product when I bought it in winter and I couldn't understand why everyone is loving it so much as well as the NARS Orgasm. Two days ago I gave this blush another try and now in the warmer summer light with a slightly tanned face this blush looks absolutely amazing! Thus, this is a really special 100 percent summer beauty products because it looks refreshing, glowy and beautiful in the summer whereas it is definitely not wearable in the winter.

So these were my Top 10 Must Have Summer Beauty Products. 
Hope this post was helpful and please let me know which are your summer beauty products?

All the best,

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