Classic Pin Up Eye Make Up

 This is quick "Eye Of The Day" shows you a classic pin up eye make up. Just imagine the red lipstick and then you rock your Marilyn Monroe style.
This make up look is so easy and fast to do, the only tricky thing is the eyeliner, but after a bit of practice you will be able to do that within 5 minutes and you can even wear this look as your everyday look.

Step by Step Guide
  • Apply a beige eyeshadow in your skin colour  all over the lid.
  • Apply a light to medium brown eyeshadow lightly into your crease and blend it, so that it looks like a natural shadow.
  • Apply a black line on the top lashes. Start with a thin line in the inner corner and wing it out at the end. I used the L'Oréal SuperLiner which I reviewed here.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with the typical defined arch.

I really like this look because it goes with absolutely every lipstick. Red, Nude, Rosy, Everything!
With this look everyone of you will look elegant and it suits to every eye colour and eye shape.
In fact, during the last time this kind of make up is the base of all my other make up looks.

So that's it. Please let me know whether you like an eyeliner look or whether you think it is a bit to much for an everyday look?

I wish you a wonderful day! All the best,

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