Original German Sausage Salad

The sausage salad is a traditional meal in the south of Germany, Switzerland, Alsace and Austria. This salad just takes about 15 minutes and is super tasty. It will also be something extraordinary and unusually when you served this on your next party! And I'm sure that you are going to like it!

Ingredients for about 8 portions:
- 200g sliced Bologna sausage
- 6 gherkins
- half of the gherkins water from the bottle
- 2 onions
- a dash of vegetable oil
- salt & pepper

1. Slice the onions in cubes and put them in a huge bowl

2. Cut the ends of the gherkins off

3. Cut the gherkins into quarters and put them in the bowl too

4. Add the sliced sausage to the bowl

5. Add about half of the gherkins water from the bottle to the salad

6. Add a dash of vegetable oil, salt and pepper

7. Mix everything together and taste the salad. It should taste a little bit sour or "gherkinish".

Traditionally we serve this salad as a snack or as a light meal with a nice "brezel". Variations are with cheese, radishes and parsley, but I prefer the "plane" traditional version.
Please try this salad and let me know wether you liked this German meal!

All the best,


  1. Ohhh lecker, da bekomme ich auf der Stelle hunger :D
    Muss ich unbedingt auch mal wieder machen!
    Ich folge dir mal, mir gefällt dein Blog :)
    Vielleicht magst du mir auch folgen?
    Viele Grüße

    1. Ja probiere den Wurstsalat gerne aus! Ich liebe ihn ;)
      Oh danke! Das freut mich, dass dir mein Blog gefällt!
      Ich bin auch neuer "Follower" deines Blogs!!



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