I Got A New Haircut!!!

Since a really long time I wanted to change my hairstyle, but I was to scared of cutting my hair off and I wasn't sure which hairstyle suits me. In the picture above you can see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair which shows my hair in the exact same situation. I have long hair for two years now and two years ago I was one of the first in school who had these long, wavy hair. However, during the last year the Hollywood trend finally arrived in school and everyone started to grow his hair. Now even in university, everyone has these long hair which are seen as the ideal, perfect hairstyleAnd when everyone wears a trend, I am the first one who changes his style in order not to suit into the mainstream. 

By the way, I have light to medium curly hair, I have medium thick, but a lot of hair. My hair colour is, like in the picture, medium to dark, red blonde and I get blonde highlights in the summertime. Because I have so many hair, you just saw hair and I was nearly able to go out topless, because I had like a fur over my breast :)

Inspired by Scarlett Johansson's totally glamourous appearance and her fresher hairstyle, the idea of changing my hairstyle was set. After searching a long time in the internet I found this incredible Virtual Hair Makeover by Instyle which you can find here.
I really tested a lot of Virtual Hair Tester, but this is the best one. So I started testing all the 160 hairstyles and I found the one I was searching for.

Because I was still to scared of cutting my hair off above my shoulders, I finally cutted my hair like this:

Elizabeth Olsen has exactly my hair colour, so this picture shows my actual hairstyle quiet well.
The funny thing was that I wasn't scared of cutting my hair off when I was sitting in the seat of my hairdresser at all. I really felt that this was the right thing what I was doing and I actually longed for this look. 

I really love my new hairstyle. I feel more matured, sophisticated, glamourous and more neat. Now with less hair in my face, you can see my face, my jewelry and my clothes much better, I can also wear totally different make-up. Thus, I can totally recommend to try out the Instyle Hair Makeover and to change your hairstyle. A blogger wrote: "Every woman should cut her hair short once in her life." and I totally agree with this and maybe next time I am brave enough to cut my hair off above the shoulders.

What do you think about shorter hair?

All the best,

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