Pre-Announcement: Travel Week

This Friday is the last day of school in my county in Germany which means that the holidays officially start in exactly one week. In order to celebrate this special day and to introduce SUMMER 2012 I will post about traveling and vacation the whole upcoming week. I know that a lot of people of you are going to go into holidays and thus, this might help you to get a few inspirations or tips right before leaving for holidays.

I will post from Monday to Sunday, seven days. The thought behind this is that our imaginary departure is on Sunday and every single day I will give you advice which also show you when certain things have to be done or how early you have to start doing specific things.
Obviously, this will be my opinion and my priorities. There are a ton of different topics about traveling and vacation, which would take years to talk about all of them, but I picked out a few that came to my mind and were the most important for me. 

The next week I will give you really important advice before leaving to the airport, I will give you a look into my travel makeup bag, I will show you how to save space, I will reveal my secret of the most exciting thing we do on any trip and many more things.

So I hope you are looking forward to seeing the posts as much as I do.

I wish you a wonderful day!

All the best,

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