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Food plays a huge role in our society, it belongs to every culture and connects the family. Food has direct effects on our health and on our whole body, thus, I was really excited during this Food Tag. I translated this tag in German because it was actually a German tag on youtube. So here we go!

For which type of ice cream would you wait for 1 hours? 
Probably for none, because I am super inpatient AND lactose intolerant. However, when I am in an ice cream shop I usually take mango and raspberry. A year ago I took Mango and Yogurt, but that's not possible anymore :(

 With which drink does your good mood start?With a diet coke/ coke zero. I usually drink water during the whole time, but when I am at home during lunch time, which is max. one per week, I allow myself a nice diet coke.

● Which food causes that you can't stop eating? 

Definitely pasta. I read an article about pasta which said that pasta produces happiness hormones in our body which is the reason why we love eating pasta so much. I am nit sure whether this is right.

● Which fruit doesn't survive in your fruit bowl for one hour? Which fruit do you like?
I love apples. Seriously, I could eat an apple every day, but during this allergy season I can not eat them. :(

● What is your personal "Must-Have-vegetable"?

Courgettes! I chop them in sauces, meals in the wok, basically everything.

● Yummy Pasta... Which type of pasta do you use most?
I love colored pasta, it makes much more fun to eat them. And structure wise, I'm not sure whether you call them the same, but we call them Spirelli. This is 
the pasta with the helix structure.

● Go out for a romantic meal: Which restaurant would you choose, it doesn't has to be romantic?

Italian, oh that's probably the standard answer!

● Water: frizzy or still?
Frizzy during the meal, still when I do sport.

It's Coffeetime! What would you choose?

I hate coffee!

● And Teatime? Which sort do you really like?

I love black tea until 12p.m., from then on I drink mostly rooibos tea.

● What represents you while eating? Any eating habits?

I can barely eat really hot food, my mouth is just to sensitive, but I can eat cold food really fast even though I get the famous frozen brain.

● Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?

Well, from Monday to Friday I have my breakfast at 6 a.m. and so I prefer sweet. On the weekend I also like a hearty breakfast.

● How do you eat dinner? What is a must?
Dinner is the only meal when our family eats together, so it definitely has something familiar and we have our "huge" meal together.

● No time to cook? What do you order in your pizzeria?

Thanks to my lactose intolerance I choose any type of pasta with tomato sauce.

● What do you order from Mc Donald's or Burger King?

I can't not remember when I ate something from them the last time. I really hate Mc Donald's and Burger Kind, but when I am forced to eat something, then I take Mc Nuggets.

● Your nerves are taut, what about chocolate, but which do you like most?

dark chocolate (<60%) or chocolate with chili or pepper

● Everyone loves candies. Which are your favourites?
apple and peach rings

● Which type of chips do you like most?

I am a bit confused... I thought chips are chips, are there exist different types of chips? Well, when you mean normal chips or wedges, then I take the normal ones.

● What is your favourite and your least favourite spice?

I love ginger, muscat, chili, curry and vegetable stock. I absolutely hate parsley and dill!

I really enjoyed doing this tag and I tag you all and hope that you are doing this tag too!

I wish you a wonderful day! All the best,

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