The Secret of Being Happy

Being happy and satisfied with our life is really important. Not only increases this your life expectations, but also makes our life more livable. Finding your own "Pursuit of Happiness" can help you with that. When I talk about the "Pursuit of Happiness" I am not talking about the American Dream which means if you work hard then you will have success. I am talking about little things that can be included into your daily routine, that make you happy and that symbolise little steps until you have reached your final happiness.

Every one has other things that lead to its pursuit of happiness. In order to find these, you have to think about your past, analyze it and ask yourself: what makes me really happy? Which thinks do I really enjoy to do? When did I feel kind of fulfilled? When you have determined a few things, write them down and look if you can sum them up. For example, when you love cooking, watching cooking tv shows or videos and you also like to do researches on diets, then combine these things to "Doing something with Cooking" or only "Cooking/Diet".

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My personal pursuit of happiness consists of:
  1. healthy and light eating
  2. some kind of work (seriously, I get a bit depressed in the holidays)
  3. doing sport
  4. relaxing time, e.g. reading/taking a bath
  5. writing a blog post
Of course, there are also a ton of other things that I really enjoy doing, for example meeting with friends is really important for me. But as I have already mentioned I wanted to add things in this list that can be easily included into your daily routine. I also know that we usually don't have the time to fulfil all of these things every single day because of our lack of time and I know that hobbies are changing, so that you have to delete and maybe add a few point to your list. However, knowing the things that really make yourself happy really helps you feeling much better even when you have a bad day or something terrible has happened. Thus, you are also going to be more independent from negative critics. 

Please let me know which thinks you like to do in your daily routine?

All the best,

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