L'Oréal SuperLiner - Review & Swatches

Today I want to do a review of the L'Oréal SuperLiner Ultra Précision Eyeliner.
I have tested this product now for a month and I am ready to tell you my thoughts about it.

Product: L'Oréal SuperLiner Ultra Précision
Price: 6,45€
Packaging: super beautiful, luxury, golden metallic packaging. It has a quiet elongated top, thus, the brush is really easy to handle.
Applicator: very thin pointed feltbrush 

Description of the producer: 
"SuperLiner is the ultimate long-lasting liquid eyeliner with a sponge-tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks. Colour is applied with precision and ease and dries without smudging and can be as delicate or as thick and intense as you wish."
Consistency: liquid
Colour: deep black, but this eyeliner is also available in silver grey and brown

Application: It is a liquid eyeliner, therefore, it is a bit harder to apply. Nevertheless, the application is, because of the thin brush, really easy and a winged eyeliner looks absolutely beautiful and flawless with this pointed brush. However, you still need a steady hand.

Positiv: flawless and precise liner, deep black colour, stays on the whole day
Negativ: not waterproof, with a black eyeshadow on top the liner goes into the crease, price

Conclusion: In the picture above you can see the liner in a whole look. You can draw a very flawless liner with a very thin line in the inner corner of the eye and a beautiful tiny wing. Thus, I would recommend this eyeliner. I know that the price is quiet expensive for "an ordinary liner", however, I have never had a liner where I was able to draw such precise wing without any mistakes. 

★ Stars

Hope you liked this review and let me know what is your favourite liquid eyeliner?

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