My Current Favourite Songs

I love listening to music and because I am always so excited finding new songs and then listening to them all the time, I want to share a couple of songs with. Maybe I will do this as a series every couple of months, so we can share all our new discovered music together ;)

Too Close - Alex Clare
I was introduced to this song by an advertising and I absolutely fell in love with it. Especially, the beginning is absolutely amazing!

Not Like A Movie - Katy Perry
I know that this song is quite old, but I rediscovered it after rediscovering my passion for Katy Perry. I don't like all of their songs, but some of them have something touching.

Part Of Me - Katy Perry
This song was the reason for my new passion for Katy Perry. In fact, this is a sad and serious song, however, the melody is really playful and happy.

The A Plan - Ed Sheeran
My absolute favourite song of these all. It is a really sad, calm, soft and serious song, but soooo wonderful! I love that this song just plays with voice and acoustic guitar.

You've Got The Love - Florence + the Machine
This is also a quite old song, but her voice is breathtaking. Listen to this song, it is outstanding!

I hope you like my music taste :P What are your current favourite songs?

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